Boys' Brigade

Regular Training: 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. on every Saturday


The advancement of the Christ’s Kingdom among young people and the promotion of habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-respect and all tends towards a true Christian Manliness. Motto

We have this as a sure and stedfast anchor of the soul, a hope that enters into the inner shrine behind the curtains. (Hebrews 6:19) Motto in 162nd company.
Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity. (1 Timothy 4:12)

This year is our 15th anniversary. The Boys’ Brigade 162nd Company always adheres to the teaching from Christ and helps our BB members to find their potentials by different trainings. We also cultivate good character of our members with the teachings from the Bible. We hope that they become role models of others and leaders in the future.

We are also grateful for the support and assistance from our partner church, the Chinese Rhenish Church, Kowloon City.

We train our BB members self-discipline, obedience, mutual help by regular training of preparing uniforms, foot drill and skill training. Thanks God that our foot drill team has won several awards in recent years. We hope that the foot drill training can enhance the self-confidence and the motivation of our BB members in the future.

Furthermore, BB members can set a clear goal by the badge training and promotion systems. They learn to serve as a servant leader who serve and give blessings to others.

Our honors:


Anchor Run 慈善跑 慈善行 2017        團體最積極參與獎亞軍
Anchor Run 慈善跑 慈善行 2017        團體籌款最高獎季軍
Anchor Run 慈善跑 慈善行 2017        慈善跑4K青年1組(女子組) 季軍 – 李芷瑩隊員
Anchor Run 慈善跑 慈善行 2017        青年組籌款最高獎 – 徐諾恩准下士
香港基督少年軍之友獎學金                     徐諾恩准下士
香港基督少年軍九龍中區步操比賽               季軍
分隊嘉許計劃                                         金嘉許證書


Anchorthon慈善跑慈善行2016          青年組籌款最高獎 – 徐諾恩隊員

香港基督少年軍會長盃步操比賽                 季軍
香港基督少年軍會長章                            梁彥樂中士


香港基督少年軍九龍中區步操比賽               冠軍
分隊嘉許計劃                                       金嘉許證書
香港基督少年軍會長盃步操比賽                 第四名
香港基督少年軍之友獎學金                     曾紀筠准下士


分隊嘉許計劃                                        金嘉許證書
葛量洪青少年制服團隊傑出服務獎               葉偉皓上士
香港基督少年軍會長章                             陳思穎下士


香港基督少年軍會長盃步操比賽                 最佳制服獎
香港基督少年軍九龍中區步操比賽                亞軍
香港基督少年軍聖經問答比賽                     季軍
香港基督少年軍之友獎學金                           陳思穎准下士
香港基督少年軍基本小隊長訓練最優秀隊員       沈寶浚准下士
香港基督少年軍基本小隊長訓練最優秀隊員       梁嘉盈准下士


香港基督少年軍九龍中區步操比賽                    季軍
分隊嘉許計劃                                         金嘉許證書
香港基督少年軍會長章                              葉偉皓中士
香港基督少年軍基本小隊長訓練最優秀隊員       陳思穎


香港基督少年軍九龍中區步操比賽                   冠軍
分隊嘉許計劃                                             金嘉許證書
香港基督少年軍會長盃步操比賽                     季軍
2011年全港賣旗日義工人數參與獎                九龍中區季軍
香港基督少年軍深資小隊長訓練最優秀隊員       易柏匡下士

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