Overall Teaching Objectives & Aims

  1. We learn Chemistry through examples of daily life and numerous experiments. 
  2. We expect our students to gain subject knowledge that is interrelated with our daily life. 
  3. We hope not only to enhance students' interest in learning Chemistry, but also to develop their independent thinking, analytical and critical thinking skills. Then they will not fall into the trap of pseudo-science.


In S.3, we will perform inquiry-based experiments. Students will initially work in groups to design 

and conduct experiments.  Then, they will analyze the data and draw their own conclusions.  

Through the experiments, students can express their creativity and improve their subject knowledge.

For new senior secondary (NSS), we will provide an after-school ‘elite’ class, a ‘remedial’ class 

and even individual teaching in order to cater for learner diversity among our students.

Extra-curricular Activities

In addition to classroom learning, we also encourage our students to participate in extracurricular activities in order to broaden their horizons. In the past, our S.4 – S.6 students participated in the "Australia National Chemistry Quiz" and the "Senior Secondary Mathematics and Science Competitions". They performed well attaining good results. We will continue to participate in seminars organized by Universities, visit different laboratories and take part in science competitions (such as the "Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition").


  • Lab Visiting in CUHK

  • Making Urea Meathanal

  • Sample Identification

  • Titration

  • SSPC 2019
  • SSPC 2019
  • SSPC 2019