Social Service and Civic Education

Cultivating a strong sense of civic pride is an essential element of whole-person education. Our school values students’ character formation, and the building up of their social consciousness and responsibility, so that they may become role models in society. In order to develop students’ self-recognition and self-identity and to foster positive values such as empathy, compassion and commitment, our school organizes different assemblies, experiential learning programs, field trips and social services.


We also promote Service Learning which is a holistic learning process to broaden students’ exposure and nurture their compassion and empathy. Aside from students’ performance during the service, we also emphasize values education in the pre-service sessions and the feedback and reflection sessions after the service. Moreover, the school sets up a volunteer team, “VR-V-teens@Rhenishers”, in which student leaders organize human-oriented services.

The team provides numerous opportunities for our students to serve the community, and also empowers them to be committed and responsible citizens.


Our school constructs a six-year framework to cultivate students’ positive values and attitudes to promote civic education. The core structure of the framework aims at the ten priority values and attitudes – Perseverance, Respect for Others, Responsibility, National Identity, Commitment, Integrity, Care for Others, Law-abidingness, Empathy and Diligence.