Karl Gützlaff House

Karl Gützlaff House, is named after Karl Friedrich August Gützlaff. It is represented by the colour red.

In 1826, The Netherlands Missionary Society sent Gützlaff to Java, where he learned Chinese. Gutzlaff left the society in 1829, and became an independent missionary.

Karl Friedrich August Gützlaff was a German Lutheran missionary to the Far East, notable as one of the first Protestant missionaries in Bangkok, Thailand (1828) and in Korea (1832). He was also the first Lutheran missionary to China. He was a magistrate in Ningpo and Chusan and the second Chinese Secretary of the British administration in Hong Kong.

Gützlaff died in Hong Kong in 1851. Therefore, Hong Kong in memory of his dedication to their cause, named one of their streets after him (吉士笠街(In English:Gutzlaff Street) 郭士立).

School Year 2022-2023 

House Captain : 5A Mak Nga Ki Haley, 5D Man Ching Yan

House Vice-Captains: 5A Ng Tsz Ching, 5D Liu Yuen Ting