Visual Arts


  • To develop students’ perceptual abilities, with special emphasis on visual, aesthetic and arts experience;
  • To enable students to express personal feelings and thoughts through artistic presentations;
  • To develop students’ visual cognition, generic skills and metacognition through art making, appreciation and criticism;
  • To broaden students’ perspectives through exploration of the arts of diverse cultures; and
  • To cultivate students’ emotions, personal refinement, morals and sense of commitment towards the nation and the world.

Co-Curricular Activities

Visual Arts Club

  • Students can learn about different media of art through various workshops.
  • Outings are organized to broaden students’ artistic perspectives.
  • Students are encouraged to join competitions to enrich their learning experiences.

Photography Team

  • Students can cultivate their potential in photography with trainings. 
  • Students are encouraged to volunteer as helpers to take photos during school events, as a way to enrich their learning experiences.