Religious Education

As a Christian school, we strive to help students to know God’s love and establish positive values in the Christian atmosphere.


Our school actively promotes gospel values and fosters spiritual growth among students. Teachers and pastoral staff of the Rhenish Church hold weekly worship and student fellowships, and also organize Gospel Week and religious weekly assemblies to help students understand the Christian faith. Furthermore, our school provides the Bible study groups for S.5 and S.6 students in Religious Studies lessons. It not only helps students know and understand the wisdom of biblical teachings, but also, through different topics, to inspire them to ponder on the meaning and value of life. S.6 students are encouraged to join the gospel camp on the eve of the HKDSE result release so that they can get support and encouragement. The Boys’ Brigade also helps junior students to enforce spiritual discipline through Christian education and leadership training programmes.


Our school attaches a lot of importance to cultivating spiritual leaders. Mature Christian students are recruited to become the committee members of the Student Fellowship. Through regular training and meetings, students were trained to lead festive worship and fellowship activities to develop their greatest potential.


Teachers in our school focus on creating a culture of support and gratitude. Teachers’ prayer meetings are held every morning, and teacher fellowships are held regularly throughout the school year. We sincerely pray for our students and work together to face different challenges.