Student Union

Rhenish Church Pang Hok Ko Memorial College Student Union is an autonomous organization run by a group of student representatives.


Our aims are:

  • to bridge the communication between students and our school;
  • to acquire the best possible welfare for students for their benefits;
  • to encourage students to unleash their potential by hosting all sorts of activities;
  • to connect with other schools or organisations; and
  • to represent students of our school in different joint school activities.


Committee Members

Term of Office: 1st September 2022 – 31st August 2023



Chow Tin Lok Isaac



Chan Yat Fung

Tam Ka Man Yuki


Committee Members

Lau Ho Yee

Wong Tsz Yan

Lau Kin Ching Michelle

Cheung Tsz Yau

Yeung Nok Hei Alva

Lam Tsz Yi

Ng Cheuk Lam Cheryl