School Sports Day

Date: 08/03/2023

Our school Sports Day which has been cancelled for three years due to COVID-19 pandemic was held last Thursday and Friday. With the mask mandate arrangement lifted by the government and the fine weather, athletes of the Four Houses who were cheered up by their cheering teams did their utmost to be crowned. 1500m Fun Run in which parents, teachers, staff as well as students competed was the highlight of all events. Another eye-catching focus was the performance of the cheering teams of the Four Houses. They employed all sorts of tactics in their dance moves to push the atmosphere to the climax. In the Closing Ceremony, it was our great pleasure to have Mr. Wong Kam Po, a former world cycling champion, as our guest of honour. In his speech, Mr. Wong encouraged our students to do more exercise as well as not to be conceited when winning or frustrated when losing a competition. The Sport Day this year then came to a close.