Alumni Sharing on Career Guidance

Date: 08/09/2021

Last Friday (3/9), our school’s Life Planning team invited three alumni to share their experiences and tips on choosing their education and career path as an encouragement to our students. The three alumni are: Mr. Wong Yu Chit, who is studying Pharmacy at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Mr. Lau Chun Hin, who has recently graduated from the Baptist University of Hong Kong, and Mr. Pang Chong, who has joined the army in France.

With his experience, Mr. Wong Yu Chit shared his study tips and skills for the HKDSE with our students. Mr. Lau Chun Him shared his experience in striving for a better education path. He went from an associate degree to a Bachelor degree and graduated with scholarships. As for Mr. Pang Chong, he told his story of pursuing his dream as a soldier and leaving alone to France to realize his dream.

The stories of our alumni show their determination in working towards their goals with their different education and career pathways. We are grateful for their sharing and encouragement to our students. It is hoped that our students can better prepare themselves in order to “be a better me”.