Dancing Team Awarded Highly Commended Award at the 58th Schools Dance Festival

Date: 31/08/2022

On the last school day in the year 2021 – 2022, we are grateful that our school Dancing Team has overcome all obstacles and been awarded Highly Commended Award at the 58th Schools Dance Festival.

The Dancing Team faced a number of challenges because:
1. With online lessons and special summer vacation due to the pandemic, over the past year, the time for practice was reduced.
2. Some team members who were still young and did not get enough doses of vaccination were forced to quit.
3. Quite a number of S.1 students joined the team this year. The majority of them did not receive any training before. They had to start from scratch to acquire knowledge and skills of dancing.

The persistence of the Dancing Team is highly appreciated. They were full of hope and perseverance and did their utmost to rehearse and video tape their performance in the limited time of the post-examination period, echoing the name of the dance Aspiration.