The Ocean Park STEAM Student Competition 2021

Date: 03/05/2021

Innovation for Conservation

Our students were awarded the Championship in the Ocean Park STEAM Student Competition 2021 on the topic of “Coral Restoration”.

We believe that everyone, including secondary school students, should be responsible for animal conservation. A group of S4 students at our school has designed a device that improves the living environment of corals so as to raise the public’s awareness of conservation. The students have won the championship in the Ocean Park STEAM Student Competition 2021 on the topic of “Coral Restoration” with their design.

According to the participants, the conservation device, “artificial coral support”, allows coral pieces to attach on it for better growth. It can thus protect the limited natural resource of coral reef. In order to address the problems of coral living environment, the device achieved the following goals: (1) to avoid having too many precipitates, (2) to increase Zooxanthella’s exposure to sunlight, (3) to get rid of their predators, and (4) to prevent sand from hurting corals. The students suggested that supporting the survival of coral is an integral part of conservation because coral reefs maintains marine biodiversity and protects the coastline by lowering the impact force from waves.

Three S4 students at our school are responsible for the production process of this conservation device. It took over two months for preparations, including data collection, deciding on the materials and prototype size, designing 3D drafts, using MakerBay for building the actual product and filming the presentation video. The students hope their design can contribute to coral conservation. Also, they volunteer to be ambassadors to encourage more people topay heed to the threats of water pollution.

Champion of the Ocean Park STEAM Student Competition 2021 - “Coral Restoration”: 4A Lee Yik Hing, 4A Lee Tsz Ying, 4A Sze Hau Chuen John

Teachers in charge: Mr Fung Ka Leong, Mr Cheung Kwok Wai

Presentation video[Chinese]: