Library Photocopying Procedure
Fee: Black & White $0.5/page, Color $1/page.
Library Regulations

Library Regulations


Students should always keep quiet in the library. They should speak softly and make the library a quiet place for studying and reading.

Students should keep the library clean and tidy. They should return everything including magazines, newspapers and books to the proper places before leaving.

No eating or drinking is permitted.

It is the students’ responsibility to attend to their personal belongings.

A borrower shall, before leaving the library, ensure that any library materials or belongings should be checked by the librarians.


Rules for borrowing materials


Loan periods

The loan period is 14 days (two weeks). Books can be renewed once only for another 14 days before due dates.



An overdue fine is imposed on each loan item and accompanying library material returned late. The charge is $1.0 per day. The maximum overdue fine chargeable for each book is $50.

An “overdue note” will be issued regularly to remind students to return the overdue items and loan items.

A borrower shall not lend or transfer his/her Student Smart Card to any other person.

The library may suspend the rights of the borrowers who fail to return library items promptly.


Loss or damage of library materials

If any library material borrowed is lost or damaged, the borrower shall be liable to pay to the school such sum of money as to replace such library material. In addition, the borrower may be required to pay a 20% surcharge. The borrower’s privilege will be suspended until all the loans have been cleared.

All Overdue Fine and Replacement Cost must be settled by paying an exact amount of cash; change is not available.


Loss of Student Smart Card

Students should report immediately to the school in case of loss of Student Smart Card. Unless a borrower has reported in writing loss of his/her Student Smart Card, he/she shall be responsible for any library material borrowed under the card.


Photocopying service

Students have to photocopy on their own using a valid Octopus Card. The fee for making a black and white A4 size photocopy is $0.5 and the fee for making a colour A4 size photocopy is $1.

In case there is any problem with the photocopying service or the machine is out of order, students should stop using it and report to or seek help from the staff in the library.

Photocopying of library materials should be made in compliance with the Copyright Ordinance. Library users are fully responsible for any legal consequences arising from infringement of applicable copyright laws. For details, students should refer to the notices on the notice-board.