Life and Society I

Form1 to Form3


1. Overall Teaching Objectives & Aims

  1. Developing students’ understanding of themselves as individuals and as social beings, and gives them opportunity to understand local, national and global human activities;
  2. Integrating knowledge acquisition with the development of generic skills and values and attitudes, and encourages students to apply their knowledge and develops skills in the enquiry process so that sound, reasoned judgements and responsible, informed decisions would be made;
  3. Nurturing students’ social competence and enhancing their personal and civic values by encourages them to develop their consciousness and interest in local and national socio-political systems and helps students develop global perspectives through global issues and world politics.

2. Features of the School-based Curriculum

S.1 Personal and Social Development; Socio-political System of Hong Kong; Reasoned thinking skills
Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens; Hong Kong Government and I; Upholding the Core Values of Our Society
S.3 Global City; China’s Step Forward to the World; Global Citizenship and Humanitarian Work