Red Cross Youth Unit 240 (YU240)

Red Cross Youth Unit 240 (YU240) was formed in 2001 in our school and the enrollment ceremony was held on 24th August, 2002. The aims of YU240 are to cultivate the sense of protecting life and preserving one’s dignity among students. We hope students can give a willing hand to the sick, the afflicted and the minorities regardless of their race, religion and personal background. We organize a wide range of courses and activities including first-aid courses, drill practice, blood donation, voluntary services and other interest classes such as sign language.
YU240 is led by Mr. Wong Ying Kit and Mr. Leung Tsz Hang. Our members include students from S.2 to S.6.  If you have a heart to serve others or you are aspired to become a doctor or a nurse, don’t hesitate! Come and join our activities!